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Superdictionary Challenge!
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Fanworks based off of the Superdictionary
Lex Luthor is an evil, evil man. He has done many evil things, but the most evil deed he's ever done?


The most terrible thing about this case? The feds have all the details locked up tight. That's right, no one knows exactly how and why Lex Luthor committed this pastry crime.

So we've got to use our imagination. Cause that's what fanwriters and fanartists do!

How it will work!

-I will post a definition from the Superdictionary every Sunday.

-You will write, draw, sculpt, record, carve into a cliff whatever that scan inspires you.

-The following Sunday, before the next prompt, I will post a masterlist of all the fics, arts, sculptures, songs, cliff carvings that have been created.

-Lather, rinse, repeat.

-You will get a certain amount of points for each fic.

-The points mean very little. Because I will make them up as I go along.

-If someone wants to make banners for the challenges, poke me. Because that would be awesome.

-Points will be given for using the word, defining the word, using the character, using the exact quote, general crackitude, and various other things.

-Tell your friends! Spread the crack!

-This will be terrible.

-Put all images under a cut. You may have a small preview image if you'd like, but nothing big, and nothing dirty.

-Warn for inappropriate content! We know that Lois Lane and Superman are very good friends, but we don't need to see any of that outside the cut!

-If you've got any questions, you can reach me at erindizmo at gmail dot com. Or shoot me a comment somewhere in my journal, dizmo.

-Always include a header with a title, wordcount (if fic), rating, and some sort of summary.

-Ask me to affiliate!

-Just be nice. I am terrible at rules. Just...don't suck.

-If you break the rules, that's terrible.